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Study plan

1 Getting to Know the Designer Interface and Figma
2 Authorization and Profile
3 The Note Board and the Database
4 Connecting APIs and Working with Plugins

🎱 After completing the course, fill out the form at the end of the page and submit a link to your test assignment for review. Once the mentors check your application, you will be invited to a call with clarifying questions about your test assignment. If you successfully pass the test assignment, We will send you an invitation to join the team. If you fail, you have the opportunity to retake the training 😉

Video courses

Chapter 1 - Getting to know the constructor interface

1️⃣ https://bubble.io/lessons — Follow the instructions and take the training at the link and return to the instructions

Chapter 2 - Authorization and Profile

2️⃣ https://figma.com/tehcamp — Go to Figma and explore layouts for layout in Bubble.

Technical Tasks:

  1. Make registration and authorization;
  2. Make data output to the profile after authentication.

Chapter 3 - Note Board and Database

3️⃣ https://figma.com/tehcamp — Turn to page 2 (Chapter 3).

Terms of Reference:

  1. Make a page after Auth>Profile>Page (Main Page), which will contain the list of notes
  2. Make a blank page
  3. Make an add notes (Pop-up)
  4. Make note author, publish date
  5. Make Log Out

Chapter 4 — Connecting APIs and working with plugins

4️⃣ https://figma.com/tehcamp — Turn to page 3 (Chapter 4).

Terms of Reference:

  1. Make search
  2. Make a filter by date
  3. Set up Google accreditation
  4. Make mobile adaptation

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