How you can register a user without email?

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One way how you could evolve users’ experience is by registering them without email. It speeds up the whole process, and a user makes fewer clicks than before. By implementing such solution, you can significantly increase your conversion and attract more new customers.

So how can you do that?

You can create an artificial email. Your website visitors will not need to enter their personal email because you create one for them. Steps are the following:

  1. User enters a nickname
  2. To the data from the input - to the nickname - add the ending “” or any other email server. Now user is saved in the database.
  3. Check the nickname + “” and test if there is a user with such address.
From your customers’’ point of view, it can look like that. For example:
  1. They see “express sign in” button
  2. Enter a nickname
  3. Type their password
  4. Enter personal data (birthday, location, etc.)
  5. Press the button “Sign in”

And that’s it! Super simple and easy. Your customers don’t have a headache after registering, and you’ve collected their data. True win-win situation 😁

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