Bubble is a code-free programming language that lets you build and host web applications without engineers. $200 in credits for 3 months
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the power of no-code.
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We value our people the most. The creative minds who solve impossible tasks and support each other.
Our daily growing community of highly skilled professionals is the key for deliverirng products fast and smooth. This is how we ensure our customers’ love.
We prove by doing, not by saying. Quality of delivered products is our best marketing strategy.
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The Zerocoder was founded in October 2022 with a mission
to make agencies more transparent.
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Manages the largest partner community TON Foundation
COO & Partnerships
Nikita Predein
Built multiple teams generating over $3M ARR across top 3 companies
CMO & Advisor
Jack Khrapkov
World-class sales in a top
no-code developers company
BDM & Operations
Evan Mironov
Built Startup with $600K ARR
on no-code market
CEO & Founder
George Novik
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