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We regard Zerocoder as a reliable service. It was great to get a working MVP in less than 2 weeks for $2000.

Daniil Matskevich
— Co-founder of “Squares”

We spent 9 months with the previous vendor and didn't get the functional app, so we decided to start from scratch. Thanks to Zerocoder we got out our web app 3 times less expensive and faster.

Anar Seidov
Founder of “Expressica”

I value their guidance. Ivan was more than outstanding. Zerocoder did a quality job. The design was very creative and allowed me to attract a large number of clients.

Marina Ligorio
CD of “NeoCircle”

The things they can do, in such a short space of time, have allowed me not only to build my application (with more features than I had planned) but also to pivot quickly and effectively.

Mark Colman
CEO of “Entice”
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Often asked

What is Zerocoding and No-Code?


No-code is a software development method that allows users to create applications without writing code. Instead, a graphical user interface (GUI) is used for dragging and dropping modules and components to create an application without any coding knowledge. This is an attractive option for businesses of any size as it reduces the need for costly investments in developer teams and technologies. Moreover, no-code solutions provide greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness since projects can be executed faster due to the absence of code.

Do you take the responsibility for the result?


Yes, we take responsibility for the outcome. Moreover, we are the guarantor of quality and speed.

How are you better than Upwork?


We handpick talented freelancers and form teams from them, after which we take responsibility for the outcome and the speed of project delivery.

How online contracts work?


We provide an online offer, by which, when using the platform, you agree to the services provided. Also, before payment, we detail and agree on the technical specifications on the platform.

Is it mandatory to use the platform?


No, we use the platform for reporting, communication, and guaranteed transactions. You can link Telegram and receive daily reports directly in the messenger.

Why teams are better than freelancers?


We provide teams only, and in rare cases, freelancers. Freelancers might lack the organizational structure and resources of larger teams, which can make it challenging to maintain consistency and ensure quality across multiple projects. Teams also often possess experience and expertise in various areas that can be beneficial for projects.