Why a Buy Now, Pay Later System (BNPL) Is The Best Choice For Start-Ups

Zerocoder's BNPL system provides technical support and a beneficial partnership, resulting in a more efficient and stress-free process for the client.
Why a Buy Now, Pay Later System (BNPL) Is The Best Choice For Start-Ups
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Hourly payment or BNPL subscription? That’s the question.

Zerocoder knows how hard it can be to make the right decision, and we are here to help! Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a payment option allowing consumers to make purchases and delay payment. It's a financing option that enables customers to purchase goods and services and pay for them over time, usually in installments, instead of the full amount upfront.

At Zerocoder our customers get the freedom to pay over time, allowing them to boost the productivity of their businesses by up to 200%! Anyway, our team came across three key problems with the hourly-based payment. Further, you can see each of them and the explanation of how BNPL Subscription solves them.

Problem 1: Lack of Permanent Technical Partnership for Customers

Benefits of BNPL System

We have observed that a significant percentage of our customers return to us after launching their product, either to add new features to their existing product or to launch a new project. This highlights the need for a permanent technical partnership and support, as businesses constantly evolve and projects require upgrades. Additionally, making changes to an existing product when you are not the original developer can be time-consuming and sometimes it is easier to start from scratch.

Solution 1: BNPL Development Subscription for Technical Support and Partnership

By offering a BNPL development subscription, we can provide technical support and a beneficial partnership, saving our clients time and money. A BNPL development subscription allows us to proceed with work faster as we just receive a task and do it with daily reporting. The whole work process is easier and less stressful as the developer already knows the product and can make necessary improvements much faster, which saves a client time and money.

Problem 2: Inconsistent Productivity and Developer's Inefficiency

Increase in productivity

Communication delays can result in decreased productivity and efficiency for developers, leading to delays in project completion. To overcome this, our BNPL subscription model allows developers to switch to another project while waiting for a response from the client. This keeps productivity levels high and projects moving forward at a faster pace, resulting in a 35% reduction in average development time.

Solution 2: BNPL Subscription Model for Improved Productivity and Efficiency

By offering a BNPL subscription model, we improve productivity and efficiency for developers, resulting in a faster turnaround time for project completion. The strategy allows developers to work with a higher efficiency rate on projects. Using this attitude, we managed to reduce The Average Development Time by 35%. This approach allows developers to work on multiple products at the same time, and projects are finished even faster.

Problem 3: Time-Consuming Negotiations and Estimation Processes

No-code Development Phases

The preparation stage for projects can be time-consuming, as negotiations and estimations can take weeks before actual development work can begin. By offering a BNPL subscription model, we eliminate unnecessary processes and improve efficiency. This allows us to proceed with work faster by just receiving the task and doing it with daily reporting, creating a communication system that closely resembles an employer-employee relationship.

Solution 3: Elimination of Unnecessary Processes for Faster Turnaround Time

As a result, work is done without restrictions or delays, saving valuable time for our clients. By offering a BNPL subscription model, we eliminate unnecessary processes and improve efficiency, resulting in a faster turnaround time for project completion. This approach allows us to skip over the time-consuming process of negotiations and estimations, which can take up to 50% of the total project time.


BNPL subscription offers numerous advantages over hourly payments when it comes to software development. With a BNPL subscription, clients can enjoy a stable and constant technical partnership, improved productivity and efficiency, and faster turnaround time for project completion. Ultimately, a BNPL subscription is a more flexible and affordable option that can help clients save time and money while achieving their business goals.

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