Enhancing No-Code Dev with Extensions like CSS Peeper

This article explores a variety of browser extensions and tools that can enhance the no-code web development process. It discusses how these extensions can assist in various aspects of development, such as design inspiration, layout analysis, typography, color schemes, and more.
Enhancing No-Code Dev with Extensions like CSS Peeper
Boosting No-Code Developers Experience with browser extensions


4 chrome extensions to re-create any website in webflow

No-code web development platforms have gained significant popularity in recent years, empowering individuals and businesses to create web applications and websites without extensive programming knowledge. These platforms offer a user-friendly, visual interface for designing and building applications, making the development process more accessible and efficient. To further enhance the no-code web development experience, several browser extensions and tools can be employed. This article explores various browser extensions that can aid in no-code web development, from design inspiration to layout analysis.

CSS Peeper

smart CSS viewer tailored for Designers

Available for both Chrome and Firefox, CSS Peeper is a useful tool for inspecting the styles of any element on a webpage. With this extension, you can extract CSS properties, colors, and assets from any website, helping you recreate or modify existing designs in your no-code project.


Discover any fonts and colors with every tab

Designing a visually appealing color scheme for your no-code project is essential. PalletTab is a Chrome extension that generates color palettes based on popular Dribbble shots, offering a wealth of inspiration for your project's color scheme.

Fontanello and WhatFont

Display the basic typographic styles of a text by right-clicking it

Typography plays a crucial role in web design. Fontanello (available for Chrome and Firefox) and WhatFont (available for Chrome and Safari) are two extensions that enable you to inspect the fonts used on a webpage easily. By simply hovering over or right-clicking the text, these tools display font family, size, and other properties, helping you identify or match fonts for your no-code project.

Page Ruler

Measure elements on a webpage

Accurate dimensions and positioning are vital for creating professional-looking web applications. Page Ruler is a Chrome extension that allows you to measure elements on a webpage, ensuring that your no-code project adheres to precise design standards.


Design tool to edit and inspect web pages

VisBug is an open-source design tool that allows you to edit and inspect web pages directly within Chrome. With VisBug, you can tweak styles, test different layouts, and experiment with various design elements without needing to open a separate design tool. This functionality makes it easier to visualize and adjust your no-code project's appearance in real-time.


Tell more about no-code web development

Incorporating browser extensions and tools into your no-code web development workflow can significantly enhance the design and building process. These tools help streamline various aspects of development, from gathering design inspiration to analyzing existing web pages. By leveraging these extensions, you can create more polished and professional no-code projects, improving the overall user experience and maximizing the potential of no-code web development platforms.

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