Creating And Testing An Application On Bubble

Bubble makes it possible to build complex web applications without requiring any programming skills.
Creating And Testing An Application On Bubble


In today's digital age, platforms like Bubble have become an essential tool for developers and entrepreneurs. What makes Bubble unique is that it makes it possible to build complex web applications without requiring any programming skills. This opens up possibilities for a wide range of users, from startups to large enterprises, to quickly prototype and deploy web applications. If you are interested in learning how to code without actually coding, check out our courses by clicking on the button below.

Structuring the Application

Structuring the application

Effective structuring of an application on Bubble requires careful planning and understanding of the platform's capabilities.

Key Principles

To create successful designs on Bubble, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of its visual tools and logical constructs. You need to differentiate between the user interface and backend logic while efficiently utilizing Bubble's built-in functions for data management and user interaction.

Multi-Page Applications

Multi-page applications provide improved organization and navigation in Bubble. Different pages are created for functional parts of the app such as the home page, contacts, and user profiles.

Reusable Elements

By utilizing reusable elements, such as common headers and footers, design consistency can be maintained throughout the application, while also making the updating and supporting process significantly simpler.

Using Plugins

Plugins in Bubble are used to enhance the standard capabilities of the platform. They allow for the integration of third-party services and the addition of new features to your application.

You can use plugins to integrate with external APIs, add advanced controls like sliders or maps, connect payment systems, and much more. Installing plugins in Bubble is very easy and requires no technical skills. You can easily install them through the built-in plugin store with just a few clicks.

It's important to understand how each plugin affects the performance and security of your application before installing them. Some plugins are designed for specific tasks like SEO optimization, social interaction, or analytics. Their use can significantly enhance the functionality of your application.

For experienced Bubble users, there's the possibility to create their plugins. This allows for further expansion of the platform's capabilities and adaptation of applications to unique needs. If you want to learn how to create plugins for Bubble, you can find courses that teach you how to do it.

Application Settings

Bubble provides application settings that enable users to have extensive control over the behavior, appearance, and accessibility of their applications. Version control is another feature of Bubble that enables developers to create and test new application features without affecting the normal operation of the main application. This is important as it helps maintain stability. Privacy settings are critical as they allow users to determine whether their application is available to the general public or restricted for private use, which helps regulate access to information and functionality.

Custom Domains and SSL

Using custom domains and SSL certificates not only enhances security but also contributes to strengthening the brand and user trust.

Password Policy

Proper password policy setup helps protect user data from unauthorized access.

Visual Settings

The application's appearance settings include choosing color schemes, fonts, and layouts, which play a key role in creating a first impression and ensuring usability.

Language and In-App Messages

Language and in-app message settings allow for the adaptation of the application to different linguistic and cultural user groups, improving their engagement and satisfaction.

Social Media and SEO

Integration with social media and search engine optimization helps increase the application's visibility online, attracting more users.

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Using Bubble's API

Bubble's API is a powerful tool for extending application functionality through interaction with external services and systems.

Setting up and defining its own APIs in Bubble allows the application to interact with other services, providing greater flexibility and integration opportunities.

Using the API in Bubble expands the application's capabilities, allowing it to exchange data and functions with other applications and services, significantly enhancing its power and flexibility.

Scheduled Workflows

Working with scheduled workflows in Bubble allows for the automation of tasks based on time or other conditions, improving the efficiency and productivity of the application.

Examples and Tutorials

Bubble offers extensive guides and examples that help developers use the API to enhance their applications effectively.

Application Testing

Application Testing

Testing is a critically important part of the development process in Bubble, ensuring the stability and reliability of the application. Testing in Bubble includes functional testing, performance testing, security verification, and user experience testing.

Using the Debugger

The debugger in Bubble allows developers to track and fix errors in real-time, which is an important tool for ensuring quality.

Using Server Logs

Server logs provide detailed information about the application's operation and can be used to identify and fix problems.


Bubble is a powerful tool that helps users create web applications with ease. It offers a wide range of features and flexibility in customization, making it accessible to beginners as well. With Bubble, you can develop complex and functional web applications that meet modern requirements. If you already have work experience, you can find work on our platform by clicking the button below.

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