Maintain Application On Bubble

In this article we will describe how to maintain your application on Bubble.
Maintain Application On Bubble


Bubble is an innovative platform for creating web applications, allowing users without deep coding knowledge to create complex and functional applications. This article provides a detailed overview of various aspects of application support on Bubble, platform architecture, plugin development, pricing information, and account management. If you want to learn NoCode you can choose our courses by clicking the button below

Application Support

Application Support

Version Control

Version control in Bubble allows developers to track and manage changes in the application. This feature ensures data security and integrity, allowing easy rollback of changes in case of errors. Users can view the change history, compare different versions, and choose which version of the application to keep active.

Copying and Restoring Databases

Bubble offers data copying and restoration options, which are key to ensuring information reliability and security. These features allow for data backups and restore the database to its previous state in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Bulk Operations

Bulk operations in Bubble simplify managing large volumes of data, allowing operations such as updating, deleting, or exporting data on a large scale. This enhances the efficiency of the application, especially when managing large databases.


The commenting tool in Bubble allows users to leave notes and comments in different parts of the application, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange among developers.


Bubble supports collaborative features, allowing multiple users to simultaneously work on a single project. This includes joint editing, resource sharing, and integration with other collaboration tools. If you already have work experience but do not have a job in NoCode industry, you can find it on our website by clicking the button below

Architecture, Optimization, and Limitations of the Bubble Engine

Bubble's architecture provides flexibility and scalability for application development but has certain limitations, such as performance and customization of individual elements. Understanding these limitations and proper optimization can significantly improve application performance.

Plugin Creation

Plugin Editor

The plugin editor in Bubble is a powerful tool that allows developers to create customized application extensions. This includes creating new features, integrating with external services, and adding unique control elements.

Configuring plugins in Bubble involves defining basic parameters such as name, description, and icon, as well as setting common parameters that affect the functionality and interface of the plugin.

Adding API Connections

Developers can add API connections to integrate plugins with external services, thereby extending the functionality of Bubble applications.

Creating Elements

Creating elements involves developing user interfaces such as buttons, input fields, and other visual components that can be used in Bubble applications.

Creating Actions

Developing actions allows for defining specific functions or processes that are performed in the application, such as submitting a form or updating data.

Data Loading

Effective data loading in plugins is critically important for optimizing performance and improving the user experience.

Publishing and Version Control

Publishing plugins and controlling their versions ensure their stability and reliability, allowing tracking changes and managing different plugin versions.

Integration with GitHub

Integration with GitHub allows synchronizing plugin code with a remote repository, facilitating collaborative work and version control.

Dedicated Server Rental Rates

Dedicated Clusters

Dedicated Bubble clusters provide higher performance, reliability, and security for applications that require intensive data processing and high bandwidth.

Using a dedicated cluster requires understanding its configuration and resource management to maximize its potential for improving application performance.

Accounts, Rates, and Payments

Accounts on Bubble

Account Management

Account management in Bubble includes setting up a profile, managing subscriptions, and accessing various platform resources.

Rates and Payments

Bubble pricing

Bubble offers various pricing plans, including free and paid options, which can be adapted depending on user needs and project scale.

Custom Application Creation

Bubble users can create custom applications using the platform's flexible tools to develop applications for specific business requirements or personal projects.

Selling on the Bubble Marketplace

The Bubble marketplace allows developers to sell their applications and plugins, providing access to a wide audience of potential clients and users. If you already have a project, you can submit it on our platform by clicking the button below


Bubble is a powerful and flexible platform for developing web applications. With a wide range of tools and features, it enables both beginners and professionals to create complex and high-performance applications. Understanding all aspects of working with Bubble is key to the successful use of this platform.

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