AirDev Bootcamp

The Airdev No-Code Bootcamp is a complimentary online course designed to train the upcoming wave of software developers in code-free development.
AirDev Bootcamp

Kickstart Your No-Code Career

The Airdev No-Code Bootcamp is a complimentary online course designed to train the upcoming wave of software developers in code-free development.

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Acquire a Unique Skill

Envision crafting an app like Airbnb in just a weekend. It might seem far-fetched, but with no-code, it's entirely feasible. Once you master the art of building, the desire to create more never ceases.

Enhance Your Professional Profile

Software developers are abundant. However, developers with additional skills like marketing, design, or project management stand out from the crowd. Augment your existing skills with no-code, and become an invaluable asset.

Monetize Your No-Code Skills

We're nurturing the future generation of software developers and offering them paid opportunities, irrespective of their geographical location. A significant number of our developer partners embarked on their no-code careers after attending our bootcamp. You could be next!

What you'll learn


Bubble is the most powerful no-code tool out there. It powers everything from nimble marketplace prototypes to enterprise-scale project management apps.


Canvas is a framework for Bubble that makes it even easier to build beautiful and powerful Bubble apps. We use it everyday building apps for our clients.

Bootcamp modules:

Module 1

Grasping the Basics of Bubble
Your journey begins here. This module focuses on mastering the basics: placing elements on the page, understanding workflow logic, and configuring your database. You'll learn the essential skills, paving the way for more complex concepts.

Module 2

Advanced Techniques & Best Practices in Bubble
Now that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, it's time to delve deeper. This module is not only about implementing advanced features but also understanding the rationale behind specific construction methods. You'll learn about option sets, search filters, URL parameters, reusable elements, backend workflows, and more.

Module 3

Canvas: The Build Framework
This module is dedicated to Canvas, our innovative build framework that enables you to create aesthetically pleasing apps in significantly less time using Bubble. Once you experience the efficiency of Canvas, you won't look back.

Module 4

APIs & Further Canvas Exploration
The bootcamp concludes with a comprehensive exploration of APIs, the universal language of the web. This module will empower you to make your Bubble app communicate effectively with other applications.

What will you be able to execute:

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