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9x is an agency specialized in business operations automation. Its professionals use low-code to automate your workflow.
9x Agency

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Main instruments: Softr, AirTable, Bubble, Zapier, Make
Founded: 2021
Employees: 2-9
Founder: Alexandre Kantjas

About 9x

9x is a Berlin-based company, founded in 2021, with a core mission to enable operators to automate and digitize their processes without the need for developers. The company is co-founded by Alexandre Kantjas, Jan Meinecke, and Pierre-Yves Garcia, who are all seasoned operators with a decade of experience working in technology companies across diverse functions like Operations, Business Development, Finance, Marketing, and Product.

Founders of 9X Agency

The Benefits of Automating and Digitizing Processes

In the era of digital transformation, automating and digitizing processes has become paramount for businesses aiming to stay competitive and efficient. 9x, the Berlin-based company, understands the multifaceted advantages that come with this shift:

1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

When tasks that were previously done manually get automated, they often become faster and more efficient. For example, an automated inventory system can instantly update stock levels every time a sale is made, eliminating the need for daily or weekly manual counts. This instant nature of automation allows businesses to process tasks in real-time, leading to quicker turnaround times and higher throughput. Moreover, as manual interventions decrease, employees can redirect their focus towards activities that machines cannot handle, such as strategic planning or creative problem-solving, ultimately boosting overall productivity.

2. Cost Savings

Automation can be perceived as an investment. While there's an initial setup cost, the long-term savings are substantial. Automated systems do not require regular salaries, benefits, or breaks. Over time, the reduced need for manual labor, coupled with decreased error rates (and thus fewer costly corrections), means businesses can achieve a substantial return on investment. For instance, chatbots can handle customer inquiries 24/7 without the constant staffing costs associated with a round-the-clock human support team.

3. Data Accuracy

Manual data entry or processing often carries a risk of human error. Even a small mistake in entering financial data or client details can lead to larger problems down the road. Digitized systems ensure that data, once entered correctly, remains consistent throughout its usage. Automated processes, like barcode scanning or digital form submissions, reduce the opportunity for mistakes, ensuring that business decisions are made based on accurate information.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

In the age of instant gratification, customers have come to expect quick and efficient service. Automated systems, like online booking tools or self-service portals, provide instant responses and solutions. This not only meets customer expectations but often exceeds them, setting the business apart from competitors and fostering loyalty.

5. Data-Driven Decision Making

In a digitized business environment, every action can potentially be tracked and analyzed. This plethora of data offers invaluable insights into business performance, customer behavior, and market trends. Companies can analyze this data to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, allowing for proactive decision-making that's grounded in concrete evidence rather than mere intuition.

6. Scalability

Traditional processes often require proportional increases in resources as a business grows. In contrast, digital and automated systems are designed to handle increased loads with minimal adjustments. For instance, an e-commerce platform can handle ten or ten thousand orders with the same system, providing businesses with the flexibility to grow without constantly overhauling their operational processes.

7. Improved Agility

The business landscape is in a constant state of flux, with market conditions, customer preferences, and technological advancements continually evolving. Automated and digitized systems can be quickly tweaked to adapt to these changes, ensuring that businesses remain competitive and up-to-date. This agility is essential in ensuring longevity and relevance in the market.

8. Consistency and Standardization

Automation ensures that tasks are executed in the same manner every single time. Whether it's sending a follow-up email after a purchase or processing a return, consistency ensures that customers have a predictable and reliable experience. This consistency also aids in training new staff, as standardized processes are easier to learn and replicate.

9. Reduced Operational Risks

Operational risks, from data breaches to non-compliance, can have detrimental effects on a business. Automated systems come with enhanced security measures and can be programmed to follow regulatory guidelines to the letter, reducing the risk of human oversight or negligence leading to costly legal issues.

10. Environmental Benefits

A move towards digitization often corresponds with a reduced reliance on paper. This not only leads to direct cost savings but also positions the company as environmentally responsible. With increasing global attention on sustainability, such eco-friendly practices can enhance a company's image while also contributing to global conservation efforts.

A Passion for Execution

The team behind 9x has a proven track record in building startups from the ground up, focusing on operational excellence. They believe that next to a great product and a robust Sales engine, the long-term success of a startup lies in its operational prowess. Their ambition is to assist founders and companies in redefining industries and helping them realize their ambitions. They see execution as their jam, approaching it one process, one project, step by step.

The Challenge of Web Technologies

In their earlier careers, the founders of 9x encountered a recurring challenge: the dependency on developers to implement their ideas. Whether it was a change to a company's website, adding a feature in the back office tool, or creating an internal dashboard, tech resources were always limited. This led to long wait times before implementation. Despite attempts to learn tech, the complexity led them to seek simpler solutions.

Entering the World of No-Code

In 2020, the team started exploring no-code tools and discovered that these tools empowered operators to build on their own. From automating processes to pushing data between tools to building internal dashboards, no-code tools offered a new level of autonomy. They used these tools to digitalize and automate operational processes and realized that this approach could be applied across various business functions.

A Radical Transformation Through No-Code

9x agency firmly believes that no-code is set to radically transform every industry. In the new era, they envision that work processes will be replaced by automated workflows, teams will use custom internal tools, and more employees will become builders, not just users. These builders will invent new and better ways to operate, leveraging autonomy to innovate and improve.

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A Radical Transformation Through No-Code: The 9x Bootcamp Approach

In a world that's becoming more digitally driven every day, 9x is a pioneer, championing the transformative power of no-code solutions. With a strong belief in the ability of no-code to revolutionize industries at a foundational level, 9x offers a unique bootcamp designed for operators. This bootcamp aims not just to impart knowledge but to nurture creators and innovators in the realm of automation.

No-Code: Power to the Operators

The rise of no-code platforms is effectively democratizing the software development process. No longer is the ability to automate processes or develop software restricted to those with formal coding knowledge. With 9x's bootcamp, participants learn that they don't need to be developers to harness the benefits of automation. This paradigm shift has the potential to empower anyone, from any profession, to optimize their work.

A Targeted Learning Experience

The bootcamp is meticulously tailored for operators across various fields. Whether one is involved in marketing, sales operations, product management, HR, finance, or any other operational sector, the bootcamp provides insights and skills that are directly applicable. With a curriculum that has the operator at its core, it's a hands-on introduction to the future of operational excellence.

Holistic Learning Outcomes

By the end of this immersive course, participants will be adept at:

  1. Crafting and implementing efficient automations and workflows.
  2. Constructing custom tools utilizing no-code platforms.
  3. Networking and collaborating with peers, enhancing inter-industry synergies.

Moreover, with the 9x bootcamp, learning is an engaging journey. Starting from the very first day, participants dive into building, receiving continuous feedback, and iterating. The bootcamp goes beyond theory; it's about tangible results, ensuring each participant emerges with a product they've crafted.

Expert Guidance

9x introduction to 9x bootcamp

The bootcamp is steered by the masterminds behind 9x – Alexandre Kantjas, Pierre-Yves Garcia, and Jan Meinecke. Each of them brings to the table their rich experiences from leading roles in established companies. As automation experts, they share insights from their journey, ensuring participants have a real-world understanding of the subject.

Modular Learning: A Sneak Peek

The bootcamp’s curriculum is divided into comprehensive modules:

Web and Automation Basics: Lays the groundwork with an introduction to web components and automation spotting.

9x module 1: web and automation basics

Databases and Data: Focuses on understanding relational databases and data manipulation.

9x module 2: databases and data

APIs and Webhooks: Dive deep into the world of APIs, making them an ally for no-code platforms.

9x module 3: APIs and webhooks

Frontend and Applications: Building user-centric interfaces and getting acquainted with the architecture of no-code applications.

9x module 4: frontend and applications

Value-Added Bonuses

Bonuses you get from 9x agency

To augment the learning experience, early bird participants get exclusive access to additional courses, offering deeper dives into JavaScript, HTML & CSS, and SQL, all tailored for business professionals. Moreover, there's a mentorship program, ensuring guided hands-on experience. Finally, a lifetime access to a dedicated discord server provides round-the-clock expert support, creating a community of continual learning and growth.

The Tools Powering 9x's Operating System

9x relies on a variety of tools to power their operating system. From Airtable, which serves as a no-code database, to Bravo for mobile app design and launch, to Figma, Make, Notion, Retool, Rows, Softr, Tally, Whalesync, and Zapier, they have a comprehensive suite of tools to boost productivity, task management, automation, design, and more. These tools collectively enable them to build faster, create powerful real-time data syncs, and transform the way companies operate in today's fast-paced digital world.

Visit Bootcamp https://www.go9x.com/learning/automation-bootcamp

In conclusion, 9x is leading the charge in the no-code movement, offering a solution to the longstanding dependency on tech resources in organizations. Their approach is not just about using software but about building it, tinkering with technology, and experimenting to create new, better ways to operate. By empowering operators and transforming industries, they're shaping a future where digitalization and automation are within reach for everyone.

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