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Blinno GmbH: Overview

The digital era demands agility, innovation, and efficiency. With no-code and low-code solutions taking center stage, businesses are eagerly seeking out partners to drive their digital transformation without the complexities of traditional coding. Blinno GmbH, a pioneering no-code agency in Switzerland, stands out in this evolving landscape, offering unparalleled expertise and value. Let’s dive into their journey and offerings.

1. The Genesis and Growth of Blinno GmbH

Founded in 2017, Blinno GmbH is the brainchild of passionate no-code professionals hailing from eastern Switzerland. In a short span, they have embarked on a mission not just to offer no-code solutions but to refine these tools, making them more user-friendly, and enabling businesses to harness their full potential. While their focus remains on medium and large enterprises, their versatility in handling diverse digital needs is commendable.

2. The Pillars of Blinno: The Maker-Team

Behind Blinno’s success is a dynamic team, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table. The co-founders, Simon Blickenstorfer and Matthias Tannò, backed by academic prowess in Business Information Systems and Digital Business Management respectively, lead the charge. They are ably supported by Lukas Blickenstorfer, Levin Oertle, Simone Rüegg, Nicole Steiner, Karla Ramírez Lattmann, and Lara Seiler, each specializing in different facets of digital transformation. Their diverse hashtags, ranging from #Nerd to #GlobeTrotter, reflect the unique blend of professional skills and personal passions they bring to the firm.

3. Core Values: The Blinno Promise

Blinno’s operational excellence is firmly rooted in its core values. Transparency and honesty underline their commitment to fair dealings and open feedback. Their relentless focus on customer satisfaction is evident in the high quality of their consulting, products, and services. Moreover, being results-oriented ensures they are not just strategists but doers, always delivering timely, reliable products.

4. Blinno's No-Code Arsenal: Tools and Partnerships

Blinno’s expertise is amplified by their impressive suite of no-code and low-code tools. Platforms like MOCO and Retool streamline business operations and internal tool creation. Certifaction offers a Swiss cloud-based eSignature solution, whereas platforms like Bubble and Webflow enable businesses to create apps and websites with ease. With partners like and Make, Blinno ensures end-to-end process efficiency and automation. The diversity in their toolkit ensures that businesses have access to tailored solutions fitting their unique requirements.

5. Client Portfolio: No-Code Heroes Trust Blinno

Blinno's reputation is not just built on promises but proven results. Several companies have taken the leap into the no-code world under Blinno's guidance. Through collaborative efforts, they've implemented innovative projects, developing solutions that simplify processes, making life easier for their clients. This ever-growing roster of satisfied customers stands testimony to Blinno’s expertise and commitment.

6. A Holistic Digital Approach: Beyond Just No-Code

While Blinno shines in the no-code domain, their offerings are holistic. From IT consultancy, tool implementation, and automation to crafting new websites, they position themselves as the one-stop solution for all digital transformation needs. Whether a business seeks a subtle digital upgrade or a complete overhaul, Blinno is poised to deliver with precision and perfection.


Switzerland's digital landscape is evolving, and Blinno GmbH is undoubtedly one of its luminaries. Their comprehensive no-code and low-code solutions, backed by a team of experts and a bouquet of core values, ensure that businesses are always ahead in the digital curve. As the digital age progresses, partners like Blinno are indispensable for businesses to remain competitive, efficient, and innovative.

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