EagleDev, established in June 2022 by accomplished no-code developer Bulat Akhmadeev, stands as a burgeoning force in the no-code development arena.

Website: EagleDev.io

Main instruments: Bubble, Flutterflow
Founded: 2022
Employees: 10-49
Founder: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bulat-akhmadeev/

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: +447375292017

Overview of EagleDev


EagleDev, established in June 2022 by accomplished no-code developer Bulat Akhmadeev, stands as a burgeoning force in the no-code development arena. Since its inception, the company has observed steady monthly growth of 10% in both projects and developer count. Headquartered in Georgia, with teams spanning South Africa and Europe, EagleDev boasts a meticulous selection process that admits only 10% of the applicants. The company excels in utilizing Bubble.io for web apps and FlutterFlow for mobile apps, coupled with profound experience in integrating a wide array of third-party APIs, including AI.


Bulat Akhmadeev, the CEO, adeptly integrates economics and technology. With a background in economic research at Plekhanov University, he transitioned to a leadership role in technology, propelling EagleDev towards consistent growth and numerous startup success stories. His past experience includes the role of CTO at Playschool, leading to the launch of multiple successful apps and swift business network expansion. Bulat's strong research background, underscored by over 60 published articles, equips him with a rich knowledge base.

Core Values

EagleDev operates based on a set of guiding principles that shape every project they undertake:

  1. Commitment to Excellence: The firm believes in continual learning and self-improvement, maintaining the highest service standards through rigorous training.
  2. Ethics and Legality: Operating with 100% ethical and legal integrity, they work exclusively on ethical projects.
  3. Employee Growth: They provide endless growth opportunities within the company, promoting employee skill and knowledge development.
  4. End-User Value: Focusing on delivering exceptional value to the end-user, their software solutions consistently meet and exceed client expectations.
  5. Stability Amid Uncertainty: The company's business model is designed to withstand any economic conditions, offering stability in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.
  6. Communication: They advocate for open and transparent communication, which allows quick resolution of issues and maintains a positive working environment.
  7. Quality Development: Their development process is meticulous, focusing on product efficiency, attention to detail, and thoughtful UX design.
  8. Community Impact: They aspire to create societal impacts by expanding business opportunities and creating jobs for developers.

EagleDev's leadership and robust values ensure their commitment to elevating the standards of no-code development, championing professionalism, and delivering top-tier services at affordable prices.

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