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Main instruments: WebFlow, Bubble
Founded: 2021

Zedtribe: The Modern Software Company Reinventing Workplace Culture

In today's fast-paced tech world, where software companies emerge at every corner, there stands an Indian software venture that defies traditional norms – Zedtribe.

Inception and Ideology

Zedtribe was founded in 2021, not just as another addition to the tech industry, but with a vision - to create a happy workspace driven by passion. Alan Kay once said, "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Zedtribe took this to heart, curating a unique space where respect, trust, transparency, and quality are the cornerstones.

Zedtribe's Three Pillars

  1. Technical Excellence: It isn’t just about coding; it's about using technology as a craft to deliver unparalleled project results.
  2. Enduring Client Relationships: Zedtribe believes in forming sincere, long-lasting relationships with clients, aligning with their objectives, and continuously adding value.
  3. Human Quality: The company emphasizes an open management style, equal opportunities, and a focus on team unity.

A Refreshing Organizational Structure

In an age of hierarchies, Zedtribe champions a horizontal structure. This doesn't just mean flat org charts, but a workspace where everyone's voice matters, where ideas are welcomed from all corners. But how does such a system work in practice, especially when it comes to decision-making? It's the profound trust in each other. Debates are welcomed, but decisions are taken by consent, ensuring everyone's concerns are addressed.

Skeptics, Growth, and Scale

Many question the scalability of such a model. However, Zedtribe started with just four individuals and has managed to maintain its core culture throughout its expansion. Their strategy for sustainable growth revolves around organic expansion, collaborative problem-solving, and ensuring core values aren't diluted as they scale.

The Recruitment Paradigm

Zedtribe's hiring process is a three-tiered approach, focusing not just on technical expertise but on the individual as a person, ensuring they align with the company's ethos.

Embracing Open Book Management

Zedtribe trusts its tribe members with open access to the company's financial metrics, shunning the traditional secrecy surrounding salaries and profit margins. The objective is simple: for everyone to make informed, strategic decisions, they need to understand the company's financial position and trajectory.

Agility at its Core

Aligned with agile methodologies, Zedtribe emphasizes iterative and incremental work to deliver valuable software quickly. Collaborative efforts with clients ensure the end product mirrors the client's vision.

Communication and Flexibility

Weekly team meetings, an emphasis on continuous learning, and a flexible work schedule make up Zedtribe's work DNA. Their retreats, held annually, focus on the company's objectives and act as a bonding exercise for the team.

In Conclusion

Zedtribe isn’t just another software company; it's a movement, a culture, and a testament to what companies can achieve when they place trust, respect, and quality at the forefront.

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