A website for checking subscribers

A website for checking subscribersalue

Technologies: We want to create a new project in the form of a website or an app. With a personal account and payment acceptance.
The essence of the project is as follows:
A person has an account in a social network and he is subscribed to a conditional 1000 people, but the man himself is subscribed to a conditional 500 people and manually go to each page to unsubscribe is not convenient. The client must go to the project site and enter the link to the account in the social network and on the site he could see how many he has non-mutual subscriptions and unsubscribe from all of them with one click. Basically we require a turnkey project with your design.

We need a person for permanent part-time or full-time employment to maintain the project and its finalization in the future.

We can discuss further terms of the project after signing a non-disclosure agreement. Do you agree to this? Possible personal meeting in Moscow, or remotely.

I have sent you a link to the article where services with similar functionality are listed in the description. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it. The article indicates different services with different functionality, as well as with different types of access - these are applications and computer programs and websites. But the essence of all of them is the same. At our initial stage we need the function of ''non reciprocal unsubscribes''.

Link to article:


After getting acquainted with analog services, tell me, could you implement something similar with a simple design and convenient functionality for the mass consumer.luding URLs)'s value

Budget: 0$-500$

Contact: https://t.me/witwetweta

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