Action research app for teachers

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📌 Action research app for teachers

📄 Description: I want to design an app for teachers through which they will be able to design a website or an app that provides a framework for teachers to design and conduct their own action research projects. This platform will function as a community where teachers can register and create profiles. They will respond to questions that gather general information about their classroom context, teaching methods, and learning processes. Subsequently, they will start their action research projects, guided step-by-step by the app. The first step involves identifying a topic, followed by writing research questions, selecting data collection tools, and then analyzing data. At each step, teachers will engage with guiding questions, checkboxes or artificial intelligence for assistance, and they will update their action research progress on their profiles. They will also have the ability to take notes. A sequence of tabs in the navigation will guide teachers through the steps of an action research project. Teachers will be able to revisit and modify earlier projects, as well as generate PDFs of their work. Additionally, mentors will be part of the platform, enabling them to review and interact with the teachers' research projects.

Budget: < less than $500

Contact: [email protected]

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