AI Chatbot Interface with Subscription Access

📌 AI Chatbot Interface with Subscription Access

📄 Description: We are looking to develop a user-friendly, chat-based interface using, integrated with our custom-built OpenAI Assistant. This interface will resemble the Chat-GPT style, offering interactive AI-powered conversations, including the ability for users to add their own files/attachments to the chat as additional context.

Core Requirements:

1. Chat Interface: Develop a clean, intuitive chat interface on, connecting to our OpenAI Assistant.

2. Subscription Access: Implement a subscription model for users to access the chatbot. This involves integrating Stripe for payment processing.

3. User Authentication: Set up a secure login system to manage user access.

4. Paywall Implementation: Ensure the chat interface is accessible only to paying subscribers.

5. Mobile Responsiveness: The interface should be fully responsive, providing a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

6. Technical Support: Provision for initial setup assistance and troubleshooting.


Our goal is to offer our AI assistant as a service, behind a paywall, allowing users to subscribe for access. We're looking for a cost-effective solution that ensures smooth functionality and user experience.

Additional note:

We have already purchased the Anocado template. If it's helpful, developers can utilize this template as a base for the project. The template can be viewed here []. We are open to its use if it simplifies development and reduces costs.

Request for Quote:

Please provide a detailed quote covering development, integration, and deployment, along with estimated timelines. We appreciate a breakdown of costs for each component of the project.

Budget: $1k - $2k


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