📌 BaePay

📄 Description: Company name: BaePay

Description in 50 characters: Linktree with Payment Links.

Description in 1 paragraph: BaePay enables you to collect automated direct bank payments from multiple people with one link. Use it to invite bae, fans, and brands to make one-off payments or collect recurring subscriptions. Add your BaeLink URL to your social profiles for anyone to BaePay you. Share through text, messaging apps or email. Or add it to your website or invoices.

What we are looking for: A passionate engineer/developer to build a mobile responsive ‘Minimum Viable’ website. This person will leverage existing design assets to construct the site, and therefore work closely with our Creative Director. The site may be built initially on no-code platforms (in particular Squarespace and Bubble) to enable quick testing and iteration over a 1-2 month development and site-maintenance period.

Find attached a document describing the full project. The project is split into 4 Phases. We are concerned solely with Phase 1 at the moment which is our "Coming Soon" experience and Sign-up Flow. Phase 1 should take 1 week to complete.

Budget: $2k - $5k


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