Be the One

Be the One

Technologies: BubbleBe The One is a TikTok Channel where we tell people to go after their dreams and face their fears. Be
The One shows this by taking themselves outside their comfort zone in a fun and entertaining way.
Be The One needs a website that loyal fans will access.
This website will be called ‘ONE Club’, and people will purchase their monthly subscription on this
website, to gain access to exclusive items.
A user accessing the website who has not logged in + purchased a plan, will be shown a generic
home page with some information about what is available when they subscribe to a plan.
When users subscribe, they will be given a private discord invite link to our discord server, where
they can access everything, we host on the discord. When the user signs up on the site, we will need
to collate data such as, name, email, country/city, date of birth, as we send them birthday video
messages on discord.
Once they have logged in and purchased, they will then be shown all the features of the site. These
features are as follows:
- Access to limited sales of our clothes merchandise
- Videos we upload to the site, that don’t make it to YouTube or to TikTok, these are exclusive
only for ONE Club. These must be download protected, so people can’t download and re
upload somewhere else.
- Podcast area where we can go live on the site and have our podcast, where there is a chat
screen so viewers and ourselves can interact.
Basically, this website will be a base for people to log in and see if we have uploaded any videos to
the site or if we have a short sale on clothing. Clothing will only be available sometimes during the
year, so it wont always be showing on the site.
We will be hosting a range of features on our discord server, so we mainly just need a great home
page with ability for a shop front when required.
Also, we need 2 pages for the videos.
- 1 page where we upload Short Form TikTok style videos.
- 1 page where we upload Long Form YouTube style videos.
- We would like these pages to be like the style of YouTube, where people can watch it on a
big player whilst there are other of our uploaded videos showing on the side. We need to
include a title and description, also for users to be able to comment.
The podcast page should be very similar to the video pages.
- Users can see previous podcasts and read the comments from the live podcast, but not be
able to comment once the podcast has ended.
- As all podcasts are hosted live on the site, we also need them to be uploaded to the site
- When we are doing the live on the site, we need the functionalities of starting, stopping,
pausing the live and then uploading it once it is done.
- Users can also donate to us during the podcast.

Budget: 2000$-5000$


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