Build the Frontend for a b2b Web App for Agri-business in India

📌 Build the Frontend for a b2b Web App for Agri-business in India

📄 Description: We are on a mission to revolutionize marketing intelligence for agri-businesses in India. Our goal is to quickly develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) web application of a B2B web application that effectively displays data and media content.

The key requirements are to:

1. Implement Frontend Features: Including animations, a signup/login flow (e.g., using Firebase), filter and sort options, analytics integration (e.g., Posthog), and payment systems.

2. Integrate with Existing APIs: Work with pre-existing APIs and data structures for seamless integration. Note that backend development is not required for this role as these elements are being developed in parallel.

3. Adopt Preferred Technologies: Use Flutter Flow or other no-code solution and maximize the use of widgets, aiming for minimal custom code and faster development. Reduce the "bells and whistles" of the app which might require too much customization and prefer to use widgets or off-the-shelf components.

The full PRD can be found here:

Budget: $2k - $5k


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