Development of Cross-Platform Bike Shipping Solu

📌 Development of Cross-Platform Bike Shipping Solu

📄 Description: We at a product of Goederen Private Limited, a premier bike shipping company, are inviting proposals for a comprehensive project aimed at advancing our digital services. Our goal is to build a multifaceted, cross-platform solution that enhances the experience of our customers, drivers, and internal teams. We are looking for a partner with the capability to deliver an innovative, user-friendly, and efficient system.

Project Overview:

The project involves developing an integrated platform with the following components, ensuring compatibility across Android, iOS, websites, and tablets:

Customer Booking Portal: An intuitive interface for easy booking and management of bike shipping services.

Driver Application: A mobile app for drivers to manage orders and interact with our team.

Backend Operations – Order Management System (OMS): A robust system for effective order management and optimization.

Analytics Dashboard: A tool for analyzing operational data to guide business decisions.

Financial Dashboard: Real-time financial tracking and analysis.

Vendor Dashboard Management: A comprehensive portal for vendor order management and logistics.

SEO Services: Strategies and implementation to boost online visibility and search engine ranking.

CRM System for Sales and Marketing Teams: A CRM solution to manage customer relationships and track engagement.

Chatbot Integration: An AI-powered chatbot for real-time customer support and interaction.

API Integrations:

The solution will include seamless integration with various APIs for:

Payment Gateways: To facilitate secure and diverse payment options.

SMS and Notification Services: For effective communication with customers and drivers.

Email Services: For automated and targeted email communications.

Other Relevant APIs: As required for operational efficiency and enhanced user experience.

Scope of Work:

Cross-platform design and development with API integrations.

Ensuring high standards in usability, accessibility, security, and integration.

Real-time interconnectivity between various system components.

Application of SEO best practices.

Proposal Requirements:

Your proposal should include:

Approach and methodology for the project.

Project timeline with milestones.

Information about your team and their expertise.

Examples of past work, especially with similar integrations.

A comprehensive cost breakdown.

Outline of the proposed SEO strategy and expected outcomes.

Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

Experience and previous success in similar projects.

Quality and innovation of the proposed solution.


Effectiveness of SEO strategy.

Commitment to using advanced technology.

We are enthusiastic about this project's potential to revolutionize our digital engagement and operational efficiency. Your agency's expertise could be crucial in creating a state-of-the-art platform that will significantly enhance our service delivery.

Budget: $1k - $2k

Contact: [email protected]

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