Disaster Exercise Designer w/ ChatGPT Integration

I'd like to define and then build a MVP for a web application

📌 Disaster Exercise Designer w/ ChatGPT Integration

📄 Description: I'd like to define and then build a MVP for a web application with the following eventual functionality:

Module 1: "Exercise Planning and Participant Management


1. Initialize Exercise: Capture basic details like exercise name, type, time/date, and duration.

2. Participant Management: Store roles, responsibilities, and contact information for exercise participants and designers. This will enable access to a participant dashboard.

3. ChatGPT Assistance: Use ChatGPT to help define exercise details, objectives, and scenarios based on a set of guided questions.

4. Opt-In/Opt-Out Messaging: Upload participant email addresses and send a template opt-in email for future communications via text or email related to and during the exercise.

5. Review & Confirm: Allow the user to review all entered and generated information before finalizing the exercise plan.

Module 2: "Timeline and Injects Design"


1. ChatGPT Pre-Population: Use data from Module 1 to auto-generate a draft timeline and associated injects, including real-time messages.

2. User Revision: Enable exercise designers to modify the ChatGPT-generated timeline and injects. Allow for drag-and-drop actions along the timeline, and for the upload of videos/images and inclusion of hyperlinks.

3. Auto-Save: Periodically save changes to timeline and injects to prevent data loss.

4. Inject Preview: Preview how an inject will appear in the exercise environment (email or text).

5. Inject Scheduling: Set up real-time inject messaging based on the finalized timeline.

6. Validation: Conduct checks to ensure no conflicts in the timeline or inject sequencing.

Module 3: "Document Production"


1. ChatGPT Assisted Document Creation: Auto-generate exercise documents such as Situation Manuals (SitMan), ExPlan, and Exercise Eval in Word or PDF formats. Distinguishes between versions for participants and exercise facilitators/teams.

2. Limited User Revision: Allow for modifications to document details that are not timeline or inject related.

3. Auto-Save: Periodically save document drafts.

4. Document Preview: Enable users to preview the document before finalization.

5. Export Function: Enable export of finalized documents in formats like Word and PDF. Also offer integration with cloud storage services.

6. Validation: Conduct final checks to ensure document coherence and error-free output.

Module 4: "Control Dashboard for Injects Messaging"


1. Inject Queue: Display scheduled injects and their corresponding times.

2. Manual Override: Offer manual triggering or delaying of injects.

3. Audit Log: Record all actions taken during the exercise.

4. Status Monitoring: Indicate real-time status for each inject—sent, received, or pending.

5. Exercise Eval: Include function to send Exercise evaluation or schedule it.

Module 5: "Evaluation and Feedback"


1. Question Design: Enable crafting of exercise-specific evaluation questions, with ChatGPT assistance.

2. Auto-Send Scheduling: Schedule the automatic dispatch of evaluation link to participants via email or text at exercise conclusion.

3. Manual Send Button: Incorporate an option for manual triggering of evaluation link dispatch.

4. Reminder Setup: Allow exercise planner to set a date for sending reminder messages for uncompleted evaluations.

5. Evaluation Form: Enable participants to complete the evaluation form online through their dashboard. Must be completed in one session.

6. Response Tracking: Monitor the status of sent evaluations—opened, completed, or pending.

7. Feedback Analysis: Aggregate and analyze participant feedback.

8. Report Generation: Synthesize analysis results into a downloadable report, stored in the user's dashboard.

Module 6: "User Management and Payment"


1. User Sign-Up: Allow new users to create accounts, including essential information and preferences. Also provide an option for free/limited user sign-up for participants.

2. Purchase / Membership Type: Enable the purchase of single exercises or yearly memberships. Introduce up-sell options for free/limited users to become exercise design users.

3. Multi-Currency Support: Enable payment in multiple currencies.

4. User Profile: Display user-specific information, purchase history, and other account settings. For exercise design user, list draft, planned, and completed exercises. For exercise participant users, list the exercises they are invited to attend with communication preference settings, and exercise documents and evaluations.

Module 7: "ChatGPT Customer Service Bot"


1. 24/7 Availability: Accessible from any page or module within the platform.

2. FAQs and Troubleshooting: Provide instant answers to commonly asked questions and guide users through problem-solving steps.

3. Ticketing System: Integrate a system for unresolved issues.

4. User Feedback Collection: Capture user input for continual service improvement.

Budget: 2k - 5k

Contact: jsnair@sgnl.solutions

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