I am looking for a developer who can write code for Tilda tasks.

📌 I am looking for a developer who can write code for Tilda tasks.

📄 Description: The essence of the task:

- the user came to the site and the first thing he sees is the animation of a spinning cube, ie in essence it will be loading the site (in gif format there is material)

- and then appears the main screen of the site, on which and need to implement the cube, with which users can interact with the mouse. the cube can be rotated and click on its edges. by clicking on different edges of the cube, should appear popups. the cube is made in Blender.

The second task:

- It is necessary to write formulas for the calculator on the tilde. visually the calculator is ready, all the initial data is there, we need a formula, which will be used to calculate the result. its code will most likely need to be embedded

Budget: < less than $500

Contact: @thepyzhik telegram

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