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📄 Description:

Klusconnect is an app where customers can post tasks, and they get connected with various professionals such as plumbing companies, electricians, painters, etc.

The app features two distinct displays for businesses and customers. A customer creates an account, describing the task and selecting the type of professionals they need. The app adopts a Tinder-style interface, allowing customers to swipe through businesses, and vice versa. In the event of a match, a chat is initiated where they can agree on a date and price. Once a customer and business reach an agreement, it is communicated to all other businesses involved, and the task is removed.

For customers, creating an account and posting tasks is free. However, businesses can view tasks for free, but to respond to a task, they need to subscribe to a plan.

After customers and businesses agree on a date, a day after the scheduled task, customers can leave a review for the business. The review includes a ranking system of 5 stars, visible to customers during the swiping process.

Businesses can showcase photos of their previous projects on their profiles through Klusconnect. Additionally, there's a dedicated dashboard for businesses to track the number of customers they've serviced. A calendar feature allows them to check booked appointments with customers.

Budget: waiting for offers

Contact: [email protected]

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