MVPMarketplace for connecting brands and creators

📌 MVPMarketplace for connecting brands and creators

📄 Description: Hello

I am looking to build a Market place that connects brands and creators and allows brands to purchase video content by task creation

Summary :

- Service has three roles: brand, influencer, administrator

- Sign-in/sign-up via Google, LinkedIn, etc.

- Buyer should have ability to select creators and package (

- Buyer would have ability to create tasks requirements. All tasks should be collected in the corresponding area with statuses and additional information (see example on

- Secure Payment: Payment is made on the website at the time the task is confirmed by the brand. After payment, the order goes to the administrator for confirmation. After the admin confirms a job, all influencers who meet the conditions receive notifications about the job and the opportunity to submit applications opens

- Chat: chat available for communication with influencers when work on the project has begun. You also need to create a chat to communicate with the support service.

- Inspiration: all completed works by influences as well as influencers portfolio will be shown as image grid..


-Users register on the platform as either a brand or a creator.

-Users complete their profiles with relevant information and details.

-Brands create campaigns, specifying content requirements, preferences,

-Brand selects package from creator of their choice

-Admin reviews and approves campaigns, marking them as active if they meet the criteria.

-Creators apply for campaigns, and brands review applications.

-Brands select creators for collaboration and communicate through the platform's chat feature.

Payment taken

-Creators create content within the specified time frame and deliver it to the brands.

-Brands download the content and provide ratings and feedback.

-The platform's inspiration section displays portfolios of all creators for brand discovery.

-A support chat feature is available for user inquiries and assistance.

-Admins manage and maintain user accounts, campaign approval, billing, and support interactions.

-Users can navigate through the platform, post campaigns, apply for tasks, and collaborate efficiently.

example websites (98% ) functionality similar

I will provide a wire created in word for the design , copy , content , colour tone , theme , logo

Budget: $1k - $2k


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