Paypal integration

Paypal integration

Technologies: BubbleI am looking for a Bubble developer who can work on switching from Swipe to Paypal on an existing template, and a few revisions on the template as a proof of concept. As shown in the proposal, you would need to get the template transferred from my account, and create revisions on the template, and transfer with a step-by-step video for my team's review. The template I am using is Casper - AI Copywriting SaaS Template | Bubble (

Also please let me know if you have an AI solution template that is available for sale that comes with customization of the solution. It doesn't need to be close to Casper, and you are free to suggest. I am planning to launch AI-based business on LLMs or Text-to-image.

Budget: 1000$-2000$

Contact: James N

🔗 Files:

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