Pulse - Prototype

📌 Pulse - Prototype

📄 Description: Pulse is an idea I am playing with in the fintech space at the moment. Given recent regulatory advancements in this sector, this opens up the opportunity for this app to be more impactful for the end users.

This project initially is only a prototype, not a fully functional app. Looking mostly for design and functionality starters.

The app allows users to connect all of their existing financial commitments including Home Loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards, Utility, Energy and Telco agreements. This is surfaced in a single view, including also their Credit Bureau data (score, conduct etc.) and budgeting reports using Open Banking data.

The user is then able to select an "alert" for what they would be considered worthwhile for them to switch providers. Eg. Alert me if I can switch 20% on my Car Insurance. Pulse continually will call "Quote" APIs from various providers in order to review potentially switching opportunities on a monthly basis.

As opposed to being a completely self service product, we offer the ability to have a "consultant" to help with onboarding and who can personally maintain your account to alert you if something is worth exploring. This "advisor" can then be used for all things money and help to navigate the financial services market to gain more control over their money.

Budget: $2k - $5k

Contact: jake.ts.osborne@gmail.com

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