📌 PuppiesNet

📄 Description: Create a social media and network for pets and animals near their homes, cities, or a specific location, allowing users to connect with them. Incorporate features like likes or dislikes similar to Tinder, and provide the option to join groups based on specific breeds or other conditions such as disabilities or plans to meet.

The app will offer a one-week free trial, after which users can make a one-time purchase for lifetime access.

Main features include:

1. Ability to upload images and mini-videos.

2. Integration with social media links such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

3. Option to create private groups and send join requests.

4. Individual chats for users, irrespective of matching.

5. Detailed profiles with information like pet name, birth month and year, age, vaccine history, food preferences, snack preferences, and physical measurements (height, neck, chest, back).

6. Emoji reactions for each profile accessible via a tap.

7. Incorporate targeted commercial ads to enhance user experience and support the app's sustainability.

Budget: < less than $500

Contact: estebancharrymasmela@gmail.com

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