Reputation Management

📌 Reputation Management

📄 Description: How is it going? I'm currently using as my SAAS Software and my Website is SWASHUB.Com, I would like to take it a few steps further with the Google Review. I'm currently using WordPress as my CMS, I would like to Integrate a SCORING SYSTEM.

When customers go on our Website, We will give them access to enter their Business Address then we will Provide them with a Free .PDF Report of

- How many Reviews their currently have and how to improve them.

- How many Platforms their business is currently on and how many their not on, like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp Amazon Alexa, Waze GPS Etc...

- In the same PDF Report we will Promote our Reputation Management Service and explain to the clients how it can be beneficial to their business and why their should use it.

- Then we will Provide them a link that will guide them to a page to Purchase Our Reputation Management.

- If they choose not do sign up, I would like to send each client a FREE Analytics Report Of how their Business is doing each week.

- That Report will include.: How many people found their Google My Business Page, How many of them click their website, Appointment Button, Address or Leave a Review.

_ If you can get the job done, we can discuss the Price. So Do Not Worry About The Price You See.

Budget: $1k - $2k


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