Web Developer and Rebranding Specialist

📌 Web Developer and Rebranding Specialist

📄 Description: We have a fully functional website (I can send the website link on demand).

We are passionate about delivering high-quality web experiences to our customers and are looking to rebrand the whole thing and make it more interactive for users.

Along with that, as we are branching out. We are looking to add following functionalities to our website as well:

Developer Hiring Experience: Proven experience in designing and developing job portals or platforms for hiring developers, with a strong understanding of the specific needs and challenges of this niche.

Skills Assessment Integration: Experience in integrating skills assessment and coding challenges into the hiring process to evaluate candidates' technical abilities effectively.

Developer Profiles: Create and enhance developer profiles, allowing candidates to showcase their skills, projects, and coding expertise, and enabling employers to make informed hiring decisions.

I have a flexible budget, though we are on a time crunch and need it delivered at the earliest.

Budget: $5k - $10k

Contact: jacksonpatrick@getdevs.io

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