YoLink integrated app

📌 YoLink integrated app

📄 Description: I want a mobile app for iOS and android that is a “lite” version of the YoLink app. I resell some YoLink products (water sensors, valves, temp sensors). I want private label app that my customers will use to see the state of their equipment.


1. Sensor state (on/off for water sensors, on/off for temp limit, on/off for valves).

2. The battery level for each device

3. Ability to turn device (valve) on/off

4. Alerts if:

A) “on” event triggered for water sensors and/or temp sensors

B) Battery level is low

C) Device off line

There are applets on IFTTT now that interface with YoLink.

Budget: waiting for offers

Contact: Bob@grassrootstools.com

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