Mobiroller - A no-code platform to create iOS and Android applications

What Is Mobiroller?

MobiRoller is a no-code/low-code platform that allows users to create their own mobile applications without needing any coding knowledge. It offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface for app design and customization, along with various templates to suit different needs. MobiRoller also includes features for app monetization, push notifications, and analytics, making it a comprehensive tool for businesses and individuals looking to enter the mobile app space efficiently and cost-effectively.

Over time, Mobiroller has earned the trust of numerous businesses. This SaaS platform has enabled the creation of approximately 3,550,000 apps with relative ease. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been able to develop high-quality apps without incurring substantial costs. Additionally, content creators, agencies, and freelancers find it an efficient tool for quickly building and monetizing apps.

Essentially, Mobiroller empowers anyone to craft a mobile app to enhance their brand presence or provide extra services to their clients. Utilizing the integrated app builder, which is a no-code solution, eliminates the need for technical skills, making app development accessible for e-commerce, small businesses, or digital agencies.

The process of creating market-leading apps is simplified with Mobiroller, as it allows the addition and customization of over 80 features within the builder. Users can test their app directly on the platform, generate an APK for smartphone installation, and ultimately publish it on Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Huawei App Gallery.

Moreover, Mobiroller includes several advanced features like Google Analytics integration, in-app advertising for revenue generation, user segmentation, and always-available premium support.

These functionalities facilitate the rapid development of Android or iOS apps, enabling businesses to send out push notifications to their customers, effectively promoting their brand and engaging their audience.

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