What Is Typeform?

Typeform is a digital tool for creating surveys and forms online. Ideal for startups looking to gather feedback quickly, it offers a user-friendly platform for crafting professional-grade surveys.

Transforming the Online Survey Experience with Typeform

Typeform transforms the experience of taking online forms and surveys. No more ugly old interfaces and plummeting response rates, thanks to Typeform efficiently collect the data you need.

Building Forms and Surveys Made Easy

The tool enables users to build forms, surveys, or quizzes with ease, requiring no advanced technical skills. Users can select from a range of templates and tailor them to their preferences.

Personalizing Templates for a Unique Style

The inclusion of a variety of images and videos in Typeform's library allows for the creation of visually appealing surveys that resonate with a brand’s visual identity.

Engaging Audience Interaction

Sharing the completed surveys is straightforward with Typeform. Options include embedding them on websites, distributing via email, or sharing through unique links.

Innovative Dashboard for Data Analysis

The platform also provides an engaging dashboard for viewing survey results, including response and completion statistics. Additionally, creating and sharing detailed reports is a quick and efficient process.

Seamless Integration into Business Processes

Typeform seamlessly integrates into existing business processes. It offers numerous integrations, such as syncing responses with Google Sheets or sending alerts through Slack when a survey is completed.

Special Offer: Affordable and Effective with Secret

For those eager to begin crafting engaging and visually striking surveys, there is a special discount offer available through Secret, making the use of Typeform more cost-effective.

How to use the deal

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