Love Unleashed: Zerocoder Revolutionary Dating Experience

Discover how Zerocoder's students made a project and earned $2,500 for just a month
Love Unleashed: Zerocoder Revolutionary Dating Experience

MUVULET Description

Project cost: $2,500
Duration: 1 month
Development Stack: Tilda, Figma, Bubble, Integromat

What Does Zerocoder Do

Zerocoder Website
Zerocoder Website

Zerocoder is more than just a platform that provides coding courses. It is a community of ambitious individuals who share a common goal - to master coding without prior experience. In today's world, having a deep understanding of coding architecture is not mandatory to identify oneself as a developer. Zerocoder focuses on no-code courses that teach the art of website creation and also provides job placement assistance. Imagine completing your training and immediately receiving a job offer with financial compensation. Additionally, our courses offer the essential knowledge and skills required for those who aspire to innovate.

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The Process Of Choosing A Graduate Developer

Zerocoder Team

The development of was propelled forward with Zerocoder's assistance in identifying top nocode talent. Our criteria expanded beyond adaptability and innovative problem-solving to ensure a comprehensive approach to candidate selection.

Key Criteria:

  1. Adaptability to Nocode Platforms: Candidates should be proficient in nocode platforms to facilitate project development without traditional coding.
  2. Innovative Problem-Solving: We sought out individuals capable of thinking creatively to tackle complex challenges, which is essential for pushing the boundaries of the project.
  3. Collaborative Skills: The ability to positively contribute to team dynamics and project outcomes was critical for successful candidates to demonstrate their ability to work well within a team.
  4. Proactive Learning Attitude: An eagerness to learn and adapt to new no-code technologies and methodologies is essential for ongoing personal and project growth.

Zerocoder designed a hiring process that aimed to find the best candidate that met our team's technical needs and aligned with our culture. After a thorough evaluation, we hired a nocode graduate who possessed the required technical skills and had other valuable qualities that would benefit our team. This person contributed not only in their technical expertise but also had a positive impact on our team's collaboration and project direction.

To choose the right candidates, it's important to use a comprehensive hiring approach. Experts should collaborate to build a successful team. The project's success proves that ambitious projects can achieve groundbreaking results with the right combination of skills and qualities.

Let's Get To Know The Bubble Developer Of The Project

Pavel - developer
Pavel - developer

Pavel is a skilled software developer with a rich background of more than seven years in the field. Currently residing in St. Petersburg, Russia, Pavel has built a career marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence. His journey in the tech world has seen him take on roles at various startups and established tech firms, where he has left a lasting impact through his work on software development projects, specializing in both frontend and backend technologies.

Seeking to broaden his expertise and embrace the future of web development, Pavel took a significant step by enrolling in a comprehensive Bubble course offered by Zerocoder. This course has significantly enhanced his ability to develop fully-functional web applications rapidly and efficiently, leveraging the power of no-code platforms. Pavel's determination to master new technologies, combined with his extensive experience, positions him as a dynamic and highly adaptable developer, ready to tackle the challenges of the evolving digital landscape.

How The Project Development Process Was Structured

development process

The development of was a collaborative process that focused on using technology strategically and efficiently. To begin, the team created a detailed Project Specification that outlined the project's vision, objectives, and functional requirements. This helped ensure everyone was on the same page. In the Design Phase, Anna led the team in creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces, iterating until the user experience was refined. During the Development stage, the team utilized no-code platforms to ensure the site was responsive and accessible. The team's use of automation tools, specifically Pavel's integration of Integromat (now Make), allowed for complex logic without traditional coding. This made the project more flexible and scalable. Quality Assurance (QA) ran concurrently with the development stage and focused on usability, performance, and security, resulting in a polished final product. After launch, the team shifted focus to Support and Maintenance to address any issues and incorporate user feedback, ensuring the project's long-term success. The project's journey, from initial specifications to continuous support, exemplifies the team's collaborative spirit, strategic planning, and innovative use of no-code platforms and automation tools.

Let's Speak About MUVULET

MUVULET Logo is an online marketplace for sports and entertainment certificates. It connects enthusiasts with a range of experiences for seamless browsing and purchasing.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Activity Selection: This company provides certificates for virtual reality skydiving experiences.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive design and advanced search filters make finding the perfect activity easy and enjoyable.
  • Secure Transactions: Utilizes top-notch encryption and secure payment methods to protect user data.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Uses algorithms to suggest activities based on user preferences, enhancing discovery.
  • Vendor Partnerships: Enables service providers to list their offerings, reaching a broader audience.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Features a transparent feedback system for informed decision-making.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensures full accessibility on mobile devices for users to explore and buy certificates anytime, anywhere.

In essence, streamlines the way people find and engage with exciting sports and entertainment options, benefiting both customers and service providers by facilitating secure, informed, and enjoyable transactions.

How Does It Look


Zerocoder's creation,, has established a new standard for sports and entertainment experiences. Its user-centric design and diverse range of activities make it easily accessible and engaging. The project's development process was made more efficient through the use of nocode technologies and innovative solutions such as Integromat. The success of the project is attributed to the expertise and creativity of its developer, Pavel, and his ability to work collaboratively with a team. If you're interested in developing a project but lack the necessary skills, consider hiring highly skilled nocode developers from Zerocoder. They are adept at creative problem-solving, adaptability, and committed to excellence, ensuring your project will not only come to fruition but also thrive in its intended market.

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