Student-Led NoCode Revolution in Thai Motorcycle Rentals

Motosai is a platform that allows you to rent motorcycles from many rental shops online. Find out how it was created by one of our students.
Student-Led NoCode Revolution in Thai Motorcycle Rentals

MOTOSAI Description

Project cost: $19,000
Duration: 12 months
Development Stack: Bubble, Figma, PWA, PromtPay

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Let's Get To Know The Bubble Developer Of The Project And His History

Photo Of Alexey Selivanov
Alexey Selivanov

Alexey Selivanov started learning No-Code with Zerocoder and has three years of experience in development. Here is his story:

"After finishing school, I enrolled in the Aviation Institute to pursue a system analysis and management degree. During my second year, I was searching for a part-time job and was offered a position at George's company. I have completed the Bubble Developer course on Zerocoder. I was one of the best students, and over three years, I learned various tools and tried out multiple roles. One of my first significant projects was Squares, which Gosha and I worked on together through numerous challenges, including changing companies. I have learned everything in the Bubble courses of Zerocoder. During my time at the institute and work, I realized that most people struggle with finding information online, even though it's often readily available with a simple search."

How The Project Development Process Was Structured

The development process of Motosai's platform was carefully planned, beginning with a comprehensive technical specification that detailed every feature. Developers adapted and innovated specific details and functions as the project progressed to enhance the platform. Zerocoder team played a pivotal role in this journey by providing access to a suite of specialized courses tailored to the project's technological stack and best practices in software development. This enabled the development team to quickly upskill or refresh their knowledge on the latest programming languages, frameworks, and tools relevant to Motosai’s needs. During the design phase, the aim was to create a user-friendly interface brought to life through skilled development, supported by Zerocoder’s design and user experience courses that emphasized intuitive interface construction and engaging user interactions. A rigorous quality assurance phase ensured a seamless user experience, with Zerocoder’s testing and QA courses enabling the team to implement effective testing strategies and tools. Continuous support and improvements were guided by user feedback, with Zerocoder offering resources on agile methodologies and customer-centric development to iteratively refine the platform. Regular weekly calls were held between the client and developers to facilitate transparent discussions on progress and work stack adjustments, ensuring the project's success and creating a leading motorcycle rental platform in Thailand. Through Zerocoder's comprehensive educational resources, the Motosai team remained at the forefront of technology trends and methodologies, significantly contributing to the project’s success.

Let's Speak About The MOTOSAI

Motosai is a platform that allows you to rent motorcycles from many rental shops online. We provide an easy-to-use web application where you can get the best deals on a wide range of rental motorcycles. It is the smart way to rent.

Motosai Logo
Motosai Logo

Project Motosai had a budget of $19,000 and used modern tech like Bubble and Figma for development and design, respectively. It also integrated PromptPay for seamless payment transactions. The project utilized no-code development techniques, resulting in significant cost savings and faster development. Custom functions for user management, payment processing, and performance tracking were efficiently integrated, contributing to overall agility and effectiveness.

Project Background and Achievements

Motosai's project management approach utilizing the Kanban system made the project more adaptable, resulting in successful engagement with around 30 rentals in Thailand. Though there is no public information about their investment attraction and staff numbers yet, the project's success suggests a well-planned strategy and significant potential for growth. The team is dedicated to expanding its user base and enhancing mobility solutions in the region, and its use of the Kanban system underscores its dedication to efficiency and adaptability in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Motosai's influence extends beyond its immediate users as it contributes to the broader mobility solutions ecosystem in Thailand, playing a crucial role in shaping the future of urban mobility in the region.

How Does It Work?

Everything on the site is quite simple and clearly describes how the application works:

  1. Install and register in the app
Motosai website
  1. Specify the type of bike, the rental period, and the place of delivery.
Motosai website
  1. Within 10 minutes, you will receive offers from owners who have a suitable bike available and choose an offer whose bike suits you.
Motosai website
  1. Pay 10%, and after receiving the bike, you pay the remaining amount.
Motosai website

If You Have A Bike, You Can Provide It In This Window

Motosai website

As you can see, everything ingenious is simple. To encapsulate, Motosai not only simplifies motorcycle rentals in Thailand through a secure and efficient online platform, but it also extends its functionality to a mobile version for on-the-go access. Furthermore, directly below this description, users can engage with a slider feature on the website, showcasing various aspects of the service, which visually complements the textual information, providing a comprehensive understanding of what Motosai offers to both motorcycle renters and owners.

Following the slider, the website features visuals of the Motosai app displayed on smartphones, showcasing its user-friendly interface. The design emphasizes ease of use, with a clear, intuitive layout and attractive visuals, making the rental process straightforward and enjoyable for users. This presentation underlines the app's commitment to providing a seamless experience, from browsing options to finalizing a rental, all within a few taps on a screen.

Difficulties During The Development

Throughout the development process, the team encountered numerous challenges. One of them was with the development process, such as figuring out how to connect Regional PromptPay to the project. Alexei mentioned that it was a great challenge to include this technology in the project and make it work correctly. There was a problem with the notifications center, but nothing is impossible for our students, so they have solved this problem by choosing another variant. The team described the experience as follows:

During the development process, the notification service died and we selected another one. We also selected a service for PWA.

The team also faced some difficulties in the design part of the project. They had to find a compromise between the customer's and team's color schemes and styles for the icons. Eventually, they chose a white and green theme for the site. Despite these challenges, the developers worked tirelessly day and night to ensure the final product met the client's expectations.


It was both challenging and fascinating to develop the project. The team faced multiple problems and difficulties but eventually completed the project successfully. Exploring new things, finding innovative solutions to old problems, and striving for improvement every day is always exciting. Zerocoder has many talented individuals who are willing to work tirelessly.

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