No Code in 2023. Forecasts, statistics, and opportunities

2022-12-11 06:09 News
No-code is a new way to create digital products with ease and in no time. As you see from the name, it does not include coding. It means that now not only professional programmers and software engineers can build amazing products. The development is now accessible to casual creators - citizen developers - and their involvement saves time and money for the companies.

In our time, if a company wants to dominate the market, it needs a strong digital presence. For this purpose websites, mobile apps, marketplaces, and other web products are created. Building software in the traditional way can often be super complicated - very time-consuming and needs large money investments. Modern economy requires flexibility and speed which classic programming cannot provide. That’s when no-code comes in hand.

But how exactly no-code influence the market?

With intense competition for customers' attention, no-code creates a space for new web constructor platforms that significantly speed up the process. Such services as Bubble, AirTable, Webflow, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Tilda, Wix, and many others start to dominate the market and change our traditional perception of web development.

Those no-code platforms make web development 10x times easier and faster. They present fluid ecosystems where you can create functional applications. A casual user can simply drag and drop elements, use pre-made templates and layouts, implement plugins from the catalog, and design the product however they want. With no-code platforms, you can make connections to external services with APIs.

In other words, no-code can do almost everything that full-code can, and all development tasks can be done in one place, without any other external sources. With time the platforms will evolve even more, and the development market will expand in no-code dimension. Companies will prefer quick and efficient solutions made on no-code basis rather than complex and time-consuming coding.

What future awaits no-code?

Multiple research agencies provided interesting no-code statistics and forecasts for the upcoming years. We compiled the key insights for you.

🔸 Microsoft assumes that 450 million apps out of the planned 500 million will be created and designed on no-code platforms during the next 5 years

🔸 No-code development market will have a value of ~$20.32 Billion already in 2023. Surprised? Well, in 2030 it is predicted that the number will be even crazier - $150 Billion.

🔸 Gartner forecasts that more than 50% of medium and large companies will adopt no-code web apps as their main strategic platforms in 2023. The same source claims that 65% of application development will be no-code or low-code already by 2024.

🔸 Now almost 60% of the custom apps are created not in the IT department. The citizen developers complete web app construction way faster without writing code for a new app from scratch.

🔸 No-code development market expansion rate can reach 22.6% - 43.21% during 2022-2027.

🔸 Already in 2024 80% of digital products and services will be constructed by those who are not technology professionals, according to Gartner.

These points just confirm one fact - no-code industry grows and is not going to stop. There is a chance to jump in the trend Take a look at no-code platforms if you had not yet and try it out

How to get on board with no-code?

Don’t be scared if you never got in touch with no-code and now you think that you’ve lost your chance. No, it is totally not like that. These days no-code platforms have educational portals that can teach you no-code development from scratch.

💿 has an academy for learning no-code development. You get access to 25+ video lessons that have an instruction on how to build a web application. You can follow the instructions and learn by doing. In addition, the platform gives step-by-step interactive instructions to build your first MVP. Bubble Academy has extra sources as well.

💿 100 Days of No Code is an opportunity to get development insights and learn web building in 100 days. Platform challenges you to do your best and keeps you competitive against other people on the course.

💿 Tilda Educationprovides dozens and dozens of materials for free learning. The portal has guidebooks that lead you through creating websites, understanding the rules of UX/UI, and constructing your mobile apps. Tilda has also several online courses for extra learning.


In the future, no-code development will become an expected choice. Top companies will use this way for creating their strategic platforms or applications. Progress, growth, and innovation stand behind no-code development. The toolkits are improving fast. And the no-code platforms continue to diversify without being too complicated. Even the least-tech-related employees can now create amazing digital products. Don’t lose the opportunity and try no-code today!

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