Why you should say Yes to a no-code development subscription?

For Founders
Hourly payment or subscription? That’s the question. In Zerocoder we know how hard it can be to make a hard decision, and we are here to help!
Since Zerocoder's core values are relatively small prices and short timings, we are committed to keeping the work process to this standard. To reach that goal, we constantly think about how to make the development process even faster and cheaper for our clients.
We conducted a little research on our daily-basis processes and figured out 3 key problems of the hourly-based payment. Further, you can see each of them and the explanation of how Subscription solves them.
Problem 1: Lack of permanent technical partnership for customers
We noticed that about 70% of our customers come back to us after launching our product. And there are 2 main reasons for their return:
  • Their business has grown and they wanted to add new features to their product.
  • They wanted to launch a new project after launching the first one.
These requests led us to the conclusion that the majority of customers need a stable constant partnership and technical support, since businesses grow continually, and projects require upgrades.
Additional point is that it’s more time-requiring to make changes to an already existing product when you are not an original developer. Sometimes it is easier for a developer to start “from scratch“ the whole product rather than adjust it for himself. Simply because adjusting would take more time.
Development subscription in complex gives a client technical support and beneficial partnership. The whole work process is easier and less stressful as the developer already knows the product and can make necessary improvements much faster, which saves a client time and money.
Problem 2: Inconsistent productivity and developer’s inefficiency
It is a common situation when the developers need an answer from a client to solve a certain problem – right here, right now. Sometimes clients do not answer straight away. Such several-day delays slow down the working processes and can significantly decrease the developers’ productivity.
Subscription model solves this problem: when the communication delay happens, the developer switches to another project to help his colleagues and works on it until he receives the response for the main project. In this way the developer’s productivity level stays high, developers work on multiple products at the same time, and projects are finished even faster.
The strategy allows developers to work with a higher efficiency rate on projects. Using this attitude, we managed to reduce The Average Development Time by 35%.
Problem 3: Negotiations and estimation take a lot of time + excess paperwork
Another problem that we noticed is how time-consuming is the preparation stage. When we worked with the hourly-based principle, 50% of the total project timing has been spent only on project discussion, estimations, and numerous document preparation. The development could not be started until this first stage and the paperwork are done. Days, sometimes weeks have been wasted before starting the actual work.
That is why we offer a subscription model – with the removal of unnecessary processes and improved efficiency. Development subscription allows us to proceed with work faster as we just receive a task and do it with daily reporting. The communication system is very close to employer-employee relationships in this case. As a result, work is done without any restrictions or delays.
In 3 months of our work by subscription, we really managed to eradicate the above problems and become more efficient. Developers don’t waste time on unproductive actions anymore and develop projects faster than ever.
Subscription means less paperwork, less stress, faster, and simply better. This path will take your headache away and guarantee a well-operating profitable web product.